Commercial Escrow Services

Commercial Transactions Require Quality, Trustworthy Commercial Escrow Services

Every commercial transaction is unique on an individual basis. To accommodate every client’s need, Las Cruces Abstract & Title Co. offers a customized approach to commercial escrow services.

With Las Cruces Abstract & Title Co.’s commercial escrow services, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll take care of everything.

Best Practices in Commercial Escrow Services

Las Cruces Abstract & Title Co.’s commercial services aren’t just about a closing transaction between parties, it’s about getting the job done efficiently, securely, and as cost effective as possible.

Thoroughness and professional conduct is necessary, and we live by these principles and beyond to provide secure commercial escrow services:






What can I expect during the escrow process?

An escrow account is essentially an earnest payment being held until both parties have delivered documents, titles, etc and an agreement has been met on the end of both parties.

All details must be complete for an escrow to release any transaction that being titles, property, or payment. An escrow is an extra layer of security for the finalization of an agreement on a commercial transaction.

Our Commercial Escrow Officers are the point of contact between buyer and seller. They are the third party that makes sure the entire transaction from point A to Z are performed correctly and under the jurisdiction of the outlined agreements to meet the involved parties’ satisfaction.

Included in our quality commercial escrow services are:

Guaranteed Quality

Great Customer Service

Secure Transactions

Having an escrow to handle a commercial transaction allows you to gain piece of mind through the safety and security provided by our commercial escrow services.

Together we will work to make this process come to a final closing that everyone can agree on. You are the priority and we know how important this commercial transaction is for your future endeavors.

Feel free to contact us anytime with questions regarding our commercial escrow services at 575-524-3681.

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