Residential Escrow Services

Are you in need of trusted residential escrow services to get the job done?

Las Cruces Abstract & Title Co. knows how hard it is when you are on the journey to finding the perfect home. So when you finally discover the perfect home, we aim to make the closing process as easy for you as possible by offering top of the line residential escrow services.

What is escrow, and how do I benefit from the service?

After an offer on a home is made, a buyer establishes an earnest money deposit/check to commit to buying a home.
This money is placed in escrow in an escrow account managed by an impartial third party in this case one of our experienced Escrow Officers.

Essentially, escrow services protect both buyers and sellers who are fishing in today’s market.

An escrow ensures that all conditions of the purchase have been successfully met before money and property have been exchanged.

When the final steps for the exchange happen, an escrow ensures the exchange to finalize simultaneously.

Trusted Escrow Services from Day One

Las Cruces Abstract & Title Co. provides you with a full spectrum of residential escrow services to help guide you through the home-buying process.

We firmly believe that investing in a home needs the thoroughness and security of an escrow.

Our residential escrow services include:

Guaranteed Quality

Great Customer Service

Secure Transactions

At Las Cruces Abstract & Title Co., we handle every escrow as they should: through a customized, confidential, and secure approach to provide our clients with the most efficient closing process possible.

Our Escrow Officers harbor years of experience under their belts, and follow escrow best practices. Ultimately, our staff is here to help you get the job done.

Our escrow services are here to help YOU.

Contact us today to learn how to utilize our special escrow services. We cannot wait to hear from you and to help you with your escrow needs.

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